Teams Playing at BOTB VI

Excited to announce the 10 teams participating at this year’s Battle on the Bank (no particular order):
San Diego Derby Dolls (San Diego, CA)
Los Angeles Derby Derby Dolls (Los Angeles, CA)
Arizona Derby Dames (Phoenix, AZ)
Orange Country Roller Girls (Orange County, CA)
Tilted Thunder Rail Birds (Seattle, WA)
Texas Roller Derby (Austin, TX)
Salt City Derby Girls (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sugartown Roller Derby (Ventura, CA)
Penn Jersey Roller Derby (Philadelphia, PA)
Love City Roller Derby (Philadelphia, PA)

We will have a juniors tournaments also running at Battle on the Bank! Here’s who’s coming (no particular order):
L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Juvenile Dollinquents (San Diego Derby Dolls’ Junior League)
OC Junior Roller Girls
Minor Assaults (Arizona Derby Dames Junior Roller Derby)
Sugartown Sugarbabies Jr. Banked Track Roller Derby
Tilted Thunder Rail Peeps

Tournament Rankings to follow soon :)

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