BOTB Day 2

Junior game 4 final score TTRB 108 to OCRG 81

TTRB goes to play LADD for first and OCRG plays AZDD.
Next up SDDD vs STRG.
Junior game 5 final score SDDD 206 to STRG 22
Next up AZDD vs OCRG
Junior game 6 final score OCRG 135 to AZDD 82
Juniors are done for the day. Next up the adults at 4pm SDDD vs AZDD
Adult  game 5 final score SDDD 80 to AZDD 71
SDDD goes on to play LADD at 8pm.
Next up PENN vs STRG
Adult  game 6 final score PENN 56 to STRG 87
STRG goes on to play TTRB at 7pm.
Next up OCRG  vs AZDD
Adult  game 7 final score AZDD 86 to OCRG 71. AZDD goes on to play winner of game 8
Next up TTRB vs STRG
Adult  game 8 final score TTRB 188 to STRG 30. TTRB goes on to play AZDD
Next up LADD vs SDDD
Adult  game 9 final score LADD 93 to SDDD 33. LADD goes on to play winner of game 11 for first place.
SDDD plays winner of game 10.
Next up TTRB vs AZDD
Adult  game 10 final score AZDD 90  to TTRB 51. AZDD goes on to play SDDD tomorrow at 1pm.

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