BOTB Junior Scores

End of the junior game 1 AZDD 97 to SDDD 65. AZDD plays LADD at 3pm.

 Up next is TTRB Peeps vs STRG Sugar Babies.
Junior game 2 final score TTRB 174 to STRG 25.

TTRB move on to play OCRG tomorrow and STRG play SDDD.
Up next AZDD vs LADD junior game 3.

Junior game 3 final score LADD 151 to AZDD 43.
LADD moves on to Sunday to play for first place. AZDD will play the loser of the OCRG vs TTRB game.
Next up adults play. OCRG Blockwork Orange take on TTRB All Stars at 6pm.

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