BOTB Starts Tomorrow

Are you getting excited yet? In less than 24 hours we will be playing some banked track roller derby.

All the preparation, planning and the hard work that the L.A. Derby Dolls and the RDCL have put in to to this tournament is coming to fruition. Right now the final pieces of the preliminary setup is happening at the Doll Factory, the referees are together and discussing what crews they will be working on and the participating skaters are currently traveling to L.A. or have already arrived.

There are so many people that are making this event happen. The Derby Dolls skaters, referees from all of the RDCL leagues and some that are not part of RDCL, parents of the juniors, friends and family, volunteers from many other  leagues (banked and flat) are helping make this happen. If you have a chance while you’re at BOTB, take a moment to say thank you to one of the many, many volunteers. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to put on such a great event.

There is still time to purchase your tickets to watch live at the Battle on the Bank website. If you can’t get to the Doll Factory, we will be streaming it live at

The juniors will start the day out at 1pm and the adults start their day at 6pm (pacific time).

We will attempt to post scores on our website during the weekend, so check back here.

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